The Siddha Wellness Village is meant to cherish the goodness of ancient spiritual and philosophical healing traditions. At the root of it all, we are aiming to return to the fundamental belief that our bodies are capable of self-healing given the right guidance and atmosphere. Siddha Wellness Village is a health and wellness center to promote respect for life that we have lost somewhere along the way.

-Minu Singh, Founder

Additional Experiences

Life at Siddha Wellness Center

To promote health and wellness in a comprehensive manner, the right setting is crucial which is why the Siddha Wellness Village is particular about presenting a close-to-nature experience to all our guests. Listen to the birds, walk through the farms, breath the fresh air, smell the flowers in our gardens or pat the farm animals. At Siddha wellness clinic it is all about reclaiming lost calm, and reconnecting with a quieter, calmer way of life.

Additional Experiences


Take back a positive lifestyle from Siddha Wellness Clinic. A health and wellness center for your mind, body, and soul.