An alternative medicine technique similar to Acupuncture. Acupressure is part of the traditional Chinese medical theory which is based on the concept of life energy which flows through “meridians” in the body. Physical pressure is applied to the acupressure points to clear blockages in the meridians.These are the same energy meridians and acupoints as those targeted with acupuncture. It is believed that through these invisible channels flows vital energy or a life force called qi (chi). It is also believed that these 12 major meridians connect specific organs or networks of organs, organizing a system of communication throughout your body. The meridians begin at your fingertips, connect to your brain, and then connect to an organ associated with a certain meridian. When one of these meridians is blocked or out of balance, illness can occur and Acupressure can help restore balance


Ayurvedic Acupressure is a type of massage considered highly in alternative medicine. It is a blend of two ancient forms of medicine - Ayurveda and Acupressure. Experience relief from pain, enjoy improve blood circulation and bid goodbye to stress and anxiety. What Acupressures knows as Meridians is called Marma points in Ayurveda. Ayurvedic Acupressure is dedicated to the healthy flow of life force throughout the body. To achieve the idea state, this massage therapy mixes the best of Ayurveda and Acupressure to heal our guests.

Chinese Acupressure

Acupressure is one of China’s best gifts to the world of medicine and healing. This ancient technique combines acupuncture and principles of pressure application to trigger well-being. It is an ancient practice which uses fingers, knuckle or other objects to create pressure on strategic pressure points called meridians. Just as Acupuncture uses needles on these meridians. Acupressure improves the flow of pranaor Qi and increases vitality and health.

Magnet Therapy

An alternative therapy which uses magnetic fields to activate different parts of the body. Idea for treating specific medical conditions such as migraine and Fibroid.

Colour Therapy

A system of alternative medicine based on the use of colours to treat specific organs. It is perfect for those suffering from depression, anxiety and seasonal affective disorder.Colour therapy is an alternative therapy that uses colours and their frequencies to heal physical and emotional problems. Colour therapy is also known as chromopathy, chromotherapy, or colour healing.

Acupressure Massage (Advanced)

An ancient remedy of Traditional Chinese Medicine, this massage is known to reduce pain without the use of harsh medicines. It improves sleep, reduces stress and relaxes joints and muscles. Acupressure is a thousand-year-old form of massage therapy that involves applying pressure to strategic points on the body to cure ailments. According to traditional Chinese medicine, the body has many meridians or channels. Qi, which is understood as a life-sustaining energy force, runs along those meridians. Due to our unhealthy lives, the Qi often get stuckaround the meridians. The goal of acupressure is to keep the energy flowing using pressure at specific points.


By massaging the reflex points on the feet, hands, spine and head. Reflexology aims to keep the vital energy. Also known as Chi or Qi it is an element of ancient Chinese medicinal belief. In essence, Reflexology triggers and balances the flow of Chi through the body with an aim to make it disease free.The goal of reflexology is to correct physiological and psychological imbalances. This is particularly useful for those suffering from depression, stress and anxiety.